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Welcome to the web home of Nancy Cartwright. Nancy is an actress and voice actor best known the world over as Bart Simpson. She has numerous additional “hats” as a producer, philanthropist, community leader,  volunteer and author. There’s lots of information here about all these activities and more!

On top of her 23-year run as Bart and other characters in The Simpsons, the longest running scripted show in television history, Nancy has done dozens of other characters. Selected voice samples can be heard on “Animation Characters” page.

Success Tips and Tools!

Over the years many people have asked Nancy for tips and insights into her success. A variety of questions such as “What should I do to get into voiceovers?” “How do I get an agent?” “What should I study?” and many, many others were compiled. Nancy has answered each and every one on the FAQs page on this site.

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The Latest Updates

The Simpsons Wins at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards!

The Simpons won this year’s People’s Choice Awards as the Favorite Animated TV Show! Woohoo!

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Hollywood Christmas Parade 2014

Nancy was part of an armada of celebrities helping to mark the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade. There are a lot of parades during the holiday season, but it is safe to say NONE are like this one.  Steve Wonder served as Grand Marshall and the entire event benefited the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. […]

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Animation Magazine Hall of Fame Awards

Nancy present the Director of the Year Award to David Silverman, long-time animation director of the Simpsons at the World Animation Summit.

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Recent Australian Interview

Nancy recently spoke with Australian interviewer Alain Goodman.

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And Now, DJ Nancy! (Date Change)

Note: The date of this broadcast has been changed from November 2nd to October 26. On October 26th at 6:00 p.m., Nancy Cartwright will be on The Sound, 100.3 FM in Los Angeles. Nancy won’t be on as a guest for an interview—she will be the DJ on MY TURN! “My Turn” is one of […]

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A Water-Truck Ice Bucket and Night of Demolition

Saturday, August 30th, Nancy served as the Grand Marshal for a special Night of Destruction at the Irwindale Event Center at the Irwindale Motor Speedway. On top of the general destruction and mayhem of a classic demolition derby, complete with a massive metal soccer ball (no kidding!), more than 200 fans came down to the […]

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The Simpsons Marathon is Coming!

If you’ve got the time, a marathon of The Simpsons will air uninterupted from August 21 at 10pm to September 1. If that sounds awesome, it is! All 552 episodes AND the movie in 12 solid days and nights, non-stop! It all leads up to one thing… Drum roll! The premiere of Season 26 on […]

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The Simpsons Take the Bowl!

Guess who’s performing at the Hollywood Bowl?! That’s right….ME! Actually, The Simpsons’ 25th Anniversary is being celebrated in style this Fall at the Hollywood Bowl! As the longest, scripted show in the history of television, what better way to celebrate than performing at one of Hollywood’s landmarks?! Bring your picnic baskets, friends & family and […]

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