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The Simpsons, #1 in the UK – 17. December, 2004

simps-uk1UK’s Industry magazine, Broadcast, conducted a survey of the best, and worst U.S.-imported shows to air in the United Kingdom. To no one’s surprise, the sarcastic family from Springfield topped the list of “the best” followed by “Dallas” and “M.A.S.H.” It seems the Brits love their smart humor and smart soaps. Worst? “Baywatch,” “The Anna Nicole Show,” and “The Dukes of Hazzard.”

Dateline Australia! – 17. December, 2004

nancy_roveRove McManus of Melbourne, AU’s hit national entertainment program “Rove Live” wrapped up his 2004 season with a nod to his favorite guests. His number one for the year? Nancy Cartwright! Rove honored Nancy as top guest of the year and also that she was the favorite by a vote of his entire staff. The feeling is mutual and Nancy considers her all-too-brief stint on “Rove Live” as the highlight of her year too. She can’t wait to go back “Down Under”!

Texas Tease – 17. December, 2004

LUBBOCK, Texas – On Thursday November 11th 800 Texas Tech University students and faculty gathered to hear Bart Simpson’s voice come to life in the Student Union Allen Theatre. Nancy entertained her Lubbock, Texas audience with voice impressions from her entire range of characters.

During Nancy’s lecture she told the crowd… “I think our planet needs all the help it can get.” She went on to introduce them to her support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Famous Phone Friends and The Way to Happiness. She even gave out personalized gift copies of The Way to Happiness Booklet.

“I found my greatest pleasure was really making people laugh,” Cartwright said. “I spent a lot of time entertaining my family.”

Nancy with Texas Tech Students: John May, Steve Frazee, Heath Whitaker, Adam Lewis, Teddy Fabry, Drew Brown, Sarah Macrander, and Lindsey Lucio.

Nancy with Texas Tech Students: John May, Steve Frazee, Heath Whitaker, Adam Lewis, Teddy Fabry, Drew Brown, Sarah Macrander, and Lindsey Lucio.

Amnesty International, Scotland – 17. December, 2004

On Human Rights Day, December 10th, in the Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre in Peebles, Scotland Nancy joined members of the New Scottish Parliament as well as Lord David Steel of the Scottish Parliament and many others in raising their voices for human rights. Though she was not able to attend “in the flesh” Nancy sent an audio greeting of support and her heart was with those who champion this noble cause.


Hugh Peebles, the organizer of the event, reported that the event was to raise funds for and public awareness of Amnesty International. On display in the foyer were hung a patchwork as part of Amnesty’s Campaign “Stop Violence towards Women and Young Girls” and the 232 photographs the Group has taken to add to the portrait petition – “The Million Faces Project” – run by Amnesty and Oxfam in their campaign against the illegal trading of arms.

The event was a huge success and Mr. Peebles sent this note of thanks:

Hi Nancy,

It’s a Saturday morning here in Peebles and I hear the sound of pipes from down the street as I send this to you ( Xmas festivities, no doubt.)

I want to let you know how well last night’s concert for Amnesty went. It played before a full house and opened with your voice track. Thanks again for taking the time from your busy schedule to support Amnesty.

I wish you and yours the very best for the holiday season.


Thanks for making my day! – 16. November, 2004

nancydayNovember 2nd, 2004 marked the fourth anniversary of Nancy Cartwright Day in Kettering, Ohio. The fact that it was also a national election deciding the fate of millions somewhat overshadowed this fact, but native “son” Cartwright had a luscious chocolate cake topped with a key to the city icing delivered to Kettering Mayor Mary Lou Smith. A politician on election day, she was at first mystified but when it became clear that this delicious tribute was from Nancy she called with a thank you and then settled in with her office staff to devour the delicacy.

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