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Happy House Attends Kidsfaire – 9. November, 2005


On October 8th and 9th, Happy House was invited to have a booth at Kidsfaire, America’s Family Exposition—California’s largest event designed for children and families. We passed out 1,500 copies of The Way to Happiness, to families who came over to our booth. Additionally, we got a lot of drawings for our “Quilt Project” from the children. The Kidsfaire annually unites more than 550 of America’s most respected companies with over 100,000 active and enthusiastic parents and children. Participants in Kidsfaire are able to provide products and services to families that are designed to enrich the lives of their families, in a unique and fun-filled event setting. Kidsfaire sponsors are CBS-TV and FOX-TV, the top two television networks reaching California families. There are 250,000 Kidsfaire tickets distributed at all Albertsons Supermarkets, Sav-on Drugs, and McDonald’s Restaurants, making Kidsfaire California’s largest family event! Kidsfaire benefits Ronald McDonald House Charities and California Head Start, providing literacy support to underprivileged children since 1965. News anchors from every television network (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX) take part in Kidsfaire to help raise thousands of books.

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Katrina – 9. November, 2005

Like all of us, I have had several opportunities in the past to “just drop everything” and go HELP when a disaster hit somewhere in the world—but there was always something more important to do. Well, not this time, I had “had it” with my excuses! Not only did I want to go help in Baton Rouge after Katrina hit, but I felt it was my duty as a human being. So, my dear friend and exec assistant, Janelle Hynes and I packed our “camping gear” with enough food for 4 days consisting of protein bars, beef jerky, trail mix, apples, bananas and peanut butter. We lugged sleeping bags, change of underwear, flashlights, boots and socks, and jumped a plane before the crack of dawn. (more…)

Honorary Mayor Gets Back At Sheriff – 15. September, 2005

Look for San Fernando Valley politics to heat up in September. Newly elected, er, appointed, Honorary Mayor, Nancy Cartwright, aka Your Excellency The Mayor, squares off with that corrupt, money-grubbing, sore loser Barry Pascal (left), the new honorary Sheriff.

You can find out their “plans” for the North Valley in the Northridge Community News monthly paper. If you are a resident of Northridge or Porter Ranch, you can read up on the Monster Truck Gaming Facility and Luxury Prison Duck Pond for free! Or, if you are in the North Valley, visit the Chamber of Commerce at 9401 Reseda Blvd., Suite 100 in Northridge for your copy today.

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Cartwright Entertainment Gets WISE – 15. September, 2005

cartenter_wiseFor the third consecutive year Cartwright Entertainment has been awarded the prestigious Model of Admin Know-How Award. This is given to companies that meet rigorous standards in using the Administrative Technology developed by humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.

With the use of this simple technology Cartwright Entertainment continues to increase the company’s production and income on a steady climb. Other companies that use this efficient technology include: Farmers Insurance Agency, Fidelity Creditor Services, Inc., Wiseman & Burke, Inc., Atkinson-Baker, Inc. and Diskeeper Corporation among many others.

The black tie dinner and award ceremony was held on August 5th at the Universal Sheraton with dozens of companies receiving their awards for the year. In addition to the MAKH award Nancy received a special Achievement Award for her contributions in the community. She was taken by surprise with this acknowledgment as it marked the first of its kind to be awarded. In her acceptance speech, Nancy credited her dedicated staff, Peter Kjenaas, Janelle Hynes, Adam Steele and consultant, Rose Goss, for their dedication and application of this business structure. “I could not have done this by myself, that is for sure,” she said.”It takes a small group of dedicated people, aligned in their goals, to win at something as effective as this technology. My staff ROCKS!!”

Kettering, Ohio – 22. July, 2005

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.”
— Charles F. Kettering (1876-1958).

What a fantastic overview of life Mr. Kettering, the guy who invented the automatic starter for your car, had.

I have just returned from a trip to my hometown in Ohio that bears his name. The purpose of the trip was to do benefit performances of my one-woman show, My Life As a 10-Year-Old Boy. I am very proud to announce the recently established Nancy Cartwright Endowment for the Arts fund at Ohio University. All the proceeds from the shows went into this fund, and any art student attending Kettering Fairmont is eligible. (more…)

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