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It’s All in the Wrist – 26. December, 2006

The pomp-and-circumstance has been going on for a little over 75 years. First established back in 1928, the Hollywood Christmas parade is billed as “the largest celebrity parade in the world!” In their time, Mary Pickford, Natalie Wood, Eddie Cantor and the Three Stooges all rode in the parade.

This year, sitting proudly atop “The Way to Happiness” float, their newly appointed international spokesperson, Nancy Cartwright, smiled and waved her way through the streets of Hollywood for the mile-and-a-half course. Several hundred thousand people attend each year, sitting along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards.

Nancy apparently practiced the “beauty queen” wave and by the time the parade started, she was ready to go. It was broadcast Live on KTLA and continues being re-run throughout the month of December, across the country.

Says Nancy, “The parade has been a Hollywood tradition for so long that it has become a staple of the holiday diet. It is an honor to be a part of it.”

HOLIDAY MADNESS – 10. December, 2006

I can’t believe that this year came and went so fast. I just got used to writing “2006” and my calendar is nearly full for 2007! (If we don’t have an appointment yet, I’ll just cancel my summer vacation and fit you in.)

Am I the only one; or is time moving faster? I think it is a good sign. I believe that the faster you move and create, the happier you are. And I can honestly say that this is the fastest and happiest time in my life. (more…)

Emmy Winning Voice of Bart Simpson and Nascar Development Driver Join Forces – 7. December, 2006

Team-Kelly-Racing Kenton-Gray-Logo The-Kellys
Freedom Motorsports Group, Inc. and SportsBlast
Create Unique Marketing Channel for Sponsors, Advertisers

LOS ANGELES, CA – December 7, 2006

SportsBlast, a producer of innovative online entertainment founded by Nancy “voice-of-Bart-Simpson” Cartwright, and NASCAR development driver Kenton Gray announced today a strategic marketing alliance set to launch immediately. This cross-promotional alliance, the first of its kind, brings together a campaign package featuring traditional on-track promotions and mainstream marketing as well as dynamic on-line placements in the racing show, The Kellys. This exposure greatly exceeds the penetration and measurability of other sponsorship programs.

Developed and produced in association with Turner Sports, The Kellys is the first animated series to take fans behind-the-scenes and into the heart of a stock car racing family. The all-new 2007 season of The Kellys will feature new content with a topical flair. (more…)

The Bigtime! – 1. November, 2006

Okay… I guess you know you’ve really hit the “big time” when PBS, KBIG, WHIO and every other radio station in the country announces that it is YOUR BIRTHDAY!!

Just a big, fat THANKS to every fan, every neighbor, every person who claims to be a cousin of my cousin–for wishing me a “Happy b’day” on Oct. 25th. I celebrated the anniversary of my birth, still proud to say that I am not yet 5X Bart’s age!

With love and still blowing out the candles,

Spooktacular 2006! – 31. October, 2006

spook-happy-familyNorthridge Community Hospital and the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, the fair covers two entire city blocks and features inflatable bouncing haunted houses, live music, comedy kettle corn, masks, gymnastics, health testing booths, and dozens of other exhibits all designed to offer some light-hearted entertainments to families.

spook-stilt-walkersTeam members Marty and Bobbi Kassowitz and Peter Kjenaas passed out nearly 1400 The Way to Happiness booklets and met hundreds of bright children all hungry for a bit of candy and some adventure.

We were happy to see our friends from Devonshire PALS (Police Activities League) and from the Chamber enjoying a perfect day under the sun.

See you next year!

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