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Nancy and Happy House Awarded – 28. December, 2007

December 28, 2007 The Way to Happiness Foundation Headquarters, Glendale, California

HH-AwardNancy Cartwright, International Spokesperson for The Way to Happiness, delivered an annual address to an international gathering of representatives who support TWTH programs worldwide. She spoke about her commitment to helping her community to overcome the problems that make day to day living such a challenge for many families.

Recently, in an effort to bring about sweeping change, Nancy’s non-profit organization, Happy House, mailed a Million copies of The Way to Happiness booklet into the Southern California communities in the San Fernando Valley where she is Honorary Mayor.

“This was something that I just felt needed to be done,” Nancy said. “I see how hard it is in some homes, in some neighborhoods and The Way to Happiness can really, really help.”

Joni Ginsberg, Executive Director of TWTH, later awarded both Nancy and Happy House with commendations for their work in making a safer world and contributing to the Planetary Calm initiative.

PALS Honors Nancy Cartwright – 5. December, 2007

On December 5th, 2007 the LAPD Devonshire PALS hosted its annual award luncheon and Board installation at the Porter Ranch Country Club. Following a delicious lunch and some truly extraordinary desserts, Lorraine New, President of Devonshire PALS, gave out awards and acknowledgements to those who helped PALS really take major strides in delivering after school programs to kids and in raising funds for the new Youth Center.

Guest speakers included Officer Liz Sandoval, Captain Kane and Greg Baker who outlined the successful capital campaign that has just about hit the mark to begin breaking ground on the youth center in early 2008.

Cartwright Entertainment is proud to have received recognition for its efforts in support of PALS and the staff greatly appreciates the individual recognitions given by Lorraine. We look forward to helping even more in 2008 and seeing the smiles on the faces of those kids when the ribbon is cut on that wonderful youth center.

Volunteerism – 2. November, 2007

Dear Friends and Fans,

As you probably know, I love to volunteer for things and sometimes I get, shall we say, a bit carried away!

Well, a few months ago I was looking at the state of our society. Sure, it ain’t all bad, but there is so much that can be better. Never one to sit on the sidelines I decided that I wanted to see what I could do in my neighborhood. I love that expression, “Think globally but act locally.” It’s sensible, if you think about it, and, hey, you get to see and feel the effects! (more…)

Poker, Bart Simpson, and Charity – A Night Out in Northridge – 4. October, 2007

October 04, 2007
John Caldwell

poker2007Having been to a fair number of charity poker events over the last couple years, there was one on my calendar that for a myriad of reasons, I was really looking forward to going to. The ‘Monte Carlo Night’ being held at the home of Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson) was going to be different to me for a number of reasons.

First off, I have long believed The Simpsons to be the television show with the best writing in the history of TV. I could answer many (though not all) trivia questions about the minutiae of the show, and I have been to the Fox lot a couple times over the last 10 years to watch the actors voice the show. To play poker with those affiliated with a show that meant so much to me was going to be a lot of fun. (more…)

THE PARTY’S OVER—NOT! – 3. October, 2007

As you may or may not know, I am about to host the second annual Monte Carlo Night at my house. Proceeds go toward the building of a new youth center in my home town of Northridge. But you will not likely read this until after the event.

So here is the deal and you will have to excuse the cute, albeit appropriate pun for a poker-themed fundraiser! I have many talents: I can sneeze on cue. I can drive people crazy by sounding like a dripping faucet. I can mimic an elephant in heat, and I do one of the best motorboats this side of the Mississippi. What I can’t do is predict the outcome of the fundraiser. Since I am writing this article before it takes place, you will have to indulge me. (more…)

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