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Listen To My Life As A 10-Year-Old Boy – 5. August, 2004

The audio version of My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy will soon be available for purchase.

audiobook_coverWe have just completed recording the book in Cartwright Entertainment’s new audio studio. Nancy had a ball bringing the book to life in on paper and even more fun voicing her own story. The sound produced in our new studio was top notch.  Final editing by Jared Bentley featured interstitial music created by Geoff Levin.

Nancy reads her entire behind-the-scenes at The Simpsons bestseller. “I have wanted to do this since I wrote it and now that I have my own recording studio, I knew the time was right.”

Craig Black of Blackstone Audiobooks ( will be publishing very soon.  Blackstone brings over two decades of audio book publishing expertise to the table. The label publishes a wide variety of mainstream and literary works and we are proud to be the latest addition to their elite list of title.

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