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The Haunted Happy House – 7. November, 2013

Haunted Happy HouseNancy Cartwright and Happy House, along with LAPD 77th Officers and Clergy Council members, and community members hosted the Inglewood Scientology Community Center’s 1st annual “Haunted Happy House” event. (more…)

Nancy Is Awarded the 2013 Fernando Award – 27. September, 2013

Nancy receiving the Fernando Award

With Nancy are, from left to right, Richard Leyden, David Honda ( the Chamber’s 2009 nominee and recipient of Fernando that year), Paul Davis a fellow chamber member and finalist, Paul Eisenstadt, Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Wayne Adelstein, President & CEO of the Chamber.

On September 20, 2013, Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson and a host of other characters),  received the Fernando Award for civic accomplishment at a gala awards banquet attended by the valley’s leading philanthropic citizens. Nancy was nominated by the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce and  Richard Leyden, a member of the Fernando Board of Directors. (more…)

Nancy and Happy House Help Lay Down a Mile of Quarters – 26. February, 2013

Mile of Quarters sponsors and supportersOn February, 23rd, 2013, the West Valley Boys & Girls Club held its 6th Annual Mile of Quarters fundraiser at the Westfield Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills, California. A large group of sponsors and dignitaries supported the effort, including our own Nancy Cartwright and a team from Happy House. Nancy and Happy House were the entertainment sponsors for the event.

And yes, that’s a quarter in Nancy’s eye! (Click here to see Daily News photos)

An enthusiastic crowd of kids laid down 68,000 quarters to make up the Mile of Quarters. The quarters were laid out on the floor on specially marked carpet, with one square foot equaling $3.25. When the entire mile of quarters is completed, $17,160 will be laid out on the floor.

Mile of QuartersHere’s what most of a mile quarters looks like:

The Daily News captured some wonderful images of the event which you can see here.  

Nancy Sponsors Christmas for Migrant Workers’ Children – 17. December, 2012

Carol Loweree with migrant worker childrenNancy sponsored the luncheon again this year at the 3rd annual Holiday Christmas Party for the kids and families of the LAUSD Migrant Workers Program. Produced by the non-profit FITE! (Family Improvement Through Education) over 300 attended, partaking in arts and crafts, storytelling, make-up and styling make-overs and a great lunch. (more…)

West Valley Boys and Girls Club Celebrates 20th – 19. October, 2012

Peter Kjenaas, Gary Thomas, Nancy and Assembyman Bob BlumenfieldThe West Valley Boys and Girls Club reached a significant milestone, not just in its 20 year anniversary, but in its growth and service to the boys and girls of the West San Fernando Valley. (more…)

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