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The Way to Happiness Convention Inspires Good Choices – 8. October, 2012

Nancy's Lifetime Happiness AwardOn the weekend of September 7 – 9th, The Way to Happiness Foundation  hosted an international convention at its headquarters in Glendale, CA. Happy House’s entire staff and volunteers attended most of the weekend and were delighted to hear extraordinary wins and programs using The Way to Happiness worldwide. (more…)

Nancy Has Thanksgiving Dinner with Community United – 2. December, 2011

Nancy doing voices for the kidsCommunity United hosted its 4th annual Thanksgiving dinner at both the Starbird and Alma Youth Centers in San Jose.  Nancy made a special trip to San Jose and told the youth how proud she was of them for making good choices and staying in school.  She showed them a special episode of Simpson’s!!!   She answered questions and even performed a dozen “voices” having the kids guess the characters from many different shows!  Representatives joined the celebrations from both the Vice Mayor’s office and Councilman Pete Constant’s office!

Nancy signed bookmarks and photos, and took lots of pictures with the kids and their parents and grandparents!  Everyone had a great time and a wonderful turkey dinner thanks to a donation from Trader Joe’s, the community and special contribution from Nancy!    Several kids (and adults) said it was the best Thanksgiving ever!!  And when asked what she thought of the event, Nancy said, “There are lots of things I am thankful for but to see those smiling young faces gobbling down some gobble-gobble was a topper this year.”

Huge Fun at Happy House – 29. April, 2010

More than 200 men, women and children came out to enjoy a beautiful afternoon and support the launch of the new Good Choices Toolkit. The event kicked off with nearly 100 poker players eagerly awaiting the start of a very competitive tournament. Nancy issued the traditional “Shuffle Up and Deal” call and the action was underway. When the dust settled, only Erik Aude was left standing, with Mark Hart, Shelly Preston, Tom Hill and Bill Methvin Jr rounding out the top five. (more…)

Changing a Country at War – 9. February, 2009

Congo2In November 2008, artists Jimmy Collins and Sleven Rucci-Airo went to the war-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo to hand-deliver copies of the non-religious common-sense moral guide The Way to Happiness.

Jimmy and Sleven in the CongoConfronting a hostile environment full of heavily-armed soldiers, they managed to pull together a group of volunteers who helped them penetrate the front lines of the conflict and get the book into the hands of thousands of soldiers on both sides.  The team succeeded in gaining the support of key officials from both armies, including General Laurent Nkunda, commander of the rebel CNDP Army. This unprecedented and rare meeting was documented to include his inspired agreement to the precepts in the book. (more…)

Happy House Illustrates The Way to Happiness® – 21. August, 2008


Nancy’s non-profit Happy House, dedicated to building better families, has embarked on its biggest project yet. Happy House Co-Executive Director Carol Loweree has begun delivering workshops to local children using an illustrated version of The Way to Happiness, A Common Sense Guide to Better Living®.

This illustrated version, developed by long time Happy House supporter and filmmaker Tim Melchior, keeps the core concepts of the original book, but presents them in a simplified and “kid friendly” way. (more…)

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