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Amazing Guest Stars on The Simpsons – 31. October, 2013

simpsonguestsA website in Australia posted this really cool slide show of 25 memorable stars that did guest spots on The Simpsons. Thought you would enjoy seeing these as much as I enjoyed working with them!


The King of Jive! – 19. June, 2013

The King of JiveI thought you’d get a kick out of this really sweet video from The Jive Aces, the UK’s #1 Swing Band. I am very proud of everyone involved with it, including my Lucy who was the Ass’t Director, her husband, Jules who was the editor, my mom who is the lovely “little old lady” with the dog and my godson who you can’t miss! Oh, and you might recognize a sassy, swingin’ red-head dressed in blue!



YouTube Preview Image

Working with Stan Lee – 29. March, 2013

Nancy with Stan LeeI had the pleasure of working with the legendary Stan Lee of Marvel Comics legacy. As a nonagenarian, (that’s 90 FYI!) he is facile, funny and still as sweet as ever. (more…)

Starting Season 25! – 12. February, 2013

The SimpsonpranosThe prospect of our favorite “Springfield Five” living on for all time passed yet another milestone in 2012: The longest running scripted show in television history! And so The Simpsons heads into Season #25! A quarter of a century! Hey, even sea turtles and sequoia trees are starting to see staying power.

Congratulations to the writers, actors, directors, producers, executives, animators, designers, advertisers, mixers and a myriad of others who bring us this 22 minutes of awesomeness. Cheers to 25 and beyond! Yes, go ahead, have a cow, man!


Voice Acting Experiences: Nancy Cartwright Talks Toons with Rob Paulsen – 24. September, 2012

Nancy Cartwright and Rob PaulsenNancy spent an hour discussing toons and voice over acting experiences with her very good friend, Emmy and Annie Award winning voice over actor Rob Paulsen.

Rob is the voice behind Raphael from the 1987 cartoon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yakko Warner and Dr. Otto Scratchansniff from Animaniacs, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs, Rev Runner from Loonatics Unleashed, and Throttle from the 1990s and 2006 versions of Biker Mice From Mars.
In total, Paulsen has been the voice of over 250 different animated characters and performed in over 1000 commercials. He continues to play parts in dozens of cartoons as well as characters in animated feature movies.

As of 2012, Rob Paulsen is the voice of the Broccoli Commander on The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange, Mac Gopher in The Looney Tunes Show and Toodles in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He will also be on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, this time doing the voice of Donatello.

Listen in to the talk right here!

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