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The Simpsons Marathon is Coming! – 18. August, 2014

If you’ve got the time, a marathon of The Simpsons will air uninterupted from August 21 at 10pm to September 1. If that sounds awesome, it is! All 552 episodes AND the movie in 12 solid days and nights, non-stop!

It all leads up to one thing… Drum roll! The premiere of Season 26 on Sun., Sept. 28 at 8pm on Fox!

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Nancy Helps 30 Years of Supporting New Writers – 18. April, 2014

Nancy Cartwright at Writers of the Future 30th anniversaryThe 30th Annual Writers of the Future awards ceremony was held on Sunday April 13, at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre. The event had all the glamour and ritz of a major Hollywood movie premiere. And Nancy as one of the award presenters! (more…)

Hangin’ at Emerald City ComiCon – 8. April, 2014

Nancy at Emerald City ComiConNancy was at Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle on the last weekend of March, participating in panels and generally wowing the crowds as the voice of Bart, Nelson, Todd, Ralph and many many others! (more…)

An Evening with Nancy Cartwright – 18. September, 2013

Update: Even though the date for this event has passed, you can still watch it. A full recording of the event is available below!

Nancy Cartwright and some of her charactersWatch and participate in an Evening with Nancy Cartwright, Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 7:00 pm (PT). (more…)

Inspiration with Nancy – 10. June, 2013

Nancy Cartwright on "Inspiration with Lance Heft"Nancy is interviewed by Inspiration host, Lance Heft, in Season 2 Episode 4 of the series.

Inspiration with Lance Heft is a 30-minute studio and on-location production featuring business leaders, artists, and entertainers sharing their personal stories through in-depth interviews. The show’s format provides guests the opportunity to reveal what truly inspires their success, prosperity and contentment in their professional and personal lives. (more…)

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