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Nancy’s Epic Visit to the Ohio University Commencement – 14. June, 2012

Nancy at at OU 2012 CommencementThe staff at Nancy’s office were planning an article about her visit to her alma mater, Ohio University and the commencement speech she delivered to an enthusiastic 2012 graduating class. And lest we forget, Nancy, now known as Dr. Cartwright, received an honorary degree as Doctor of Communications!

But then we received what follows below. It was written by Jarad Barr, also a graduate of OU, who was present for the occasion of his brother’s degree convocation. Jarad spoke so well of his experience and of the effect that Nancy had on the students, graduates, faculty and families at the ceremonies, that we asked for and received permission to use his words here.



Rugrats Go Wild! – 17. July, 2003


Nancy with Charlie Adler and son, Jack

The benefit World Premiere of “RUGRATS GO WILD” was held Sunday June 1st at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood. Many celebrity cast members and their own (But some of them grown) “rugrats” walked the red carpet. Nancy, who voices Chuckie Finster, attended with her two kids, Lucy and Jack. Voice-director, Charlie Adler and actors Michael Bell (Chas Finster), Jodi Carlisle (Marianne Thornberry), Cree Summer (Susie Carmichael), Jack Riley (Stu Pickles) and Kath Souci (Phil, Lil and Betty DeVille) were also in attendance. The Dome was packed to the rafters with kids of all sizes and ages. Everyone got a program, as much popcorn and soda as he/she could carry, and the movie began! The cast members sat together with their respective families, and given the amount of laughter and whoops and hollers from that “peanut gallery”, the movie was a big hit. Immediately following the screening, Nancy and her family made their way down Sunset Blvd. to the party sponsored by Klasky-Csupo, the animation studio that produced the film. The parking lot was transformed into a jungle with all sorts of games, prizes, dancing, food, fun and Bruce Willis. (Who played Spike, the dog!) When asked how she responds to parents that don’t approve of Bart, Nancy quipped. “There are actually a few people out there who refuse to watch ‘The Simpsons’! And when given the opportunity, I have no problem introducing them to ‘Chuckie’ You should see the look on their kids’ face! Priceless. The mild humor is perfect for any little guy and his parents to enjoy.”

Nancy Takes Over as “Chuckie” on The Rugrats – 2. July, 2002

With the recent retirement of Christine Cavanaugh, Nancy has joined the cast of The Rugrats as the voice of Chuckie, working with veterans E.G. Daily (Tommy), Cheryl Chase (Angelica) and Kath Souci (Phil/Lil).


Chuckie from "The Rugrats"

“To try to duplicate the vocal stylings, the nuances and the ‘vocal gymnastics’ that Christine Cavanaugh created with Chuckie’s voice has presented me with the most challenging job of my entire career. I am loving this job and consider myself so fortunate to work on such a charming and well-written show,” says Nancy.

Like The Simpsons, there is no end in sight for the knee-high tikes. The Rugrats is now in its eleventh season on Nickelodeon; and the next movie, The Rugrats Meet the Thornberries, is due out in theaters May 2003.

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