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The Simpsons Marathon is Coming! – 18. August, 2014

If you’ve got the time, a marathon of The Simpsons will air uninterupted from August 21 at 10pm to September 1. If that sounds awesome, it is! All 552 episodes AND the movie in 12 solid days and nights, non-stop!

It all leads up to one thing… Drum roll! The premiere of Season 26 on Sun., Sept. 28 at 8pm on Fox!

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Starting Season 25! – 12. February, 2013

The SimpsonpranosThe prospect of our favorite “Springfield Five” living on for all time passed yet another milestone in 2012: The longest running scripted show in television history! And so The Simpsons heads into Season #25! A quarter of a century! Hey, even sea turtles and sequoia trees are starting to see staying power.

Congratulations to the writers, actors, directors, producers, executives, animators, designers, advertisers, mixers and a myriad of others who bring us this 22 minutes of awesomeness. Cheers to 25 and beyond! Yes, go ahead, have a cow, man!


Nancy at the Pumpkin Patch – 6. October, 2012

Nancy Cartwright and Al Jean. Photo by Janet GoughNancy Cartwright appeared with The Simpsons producer, Al Jean, at FOX’s Animation Doom-Ination Pumpkin Patch Takeover and the Lopez Pumpkin Patch, October 4th to promote the latest Halloween episode of The Simpsons, airing October 7th!

Nancy was there with The Simpson clan and a most incredible carved Bart pumpkin, by sculptor Doug Goodreau! (

Nancy’s Epic Visit to the Ohio University Commencement – 14. June, 2012

Nancy at at OU 2012 CommencementThe staff at Nancy’s office were planning an article about her visit to her alma mater, Ohio University and the commencement speech she delivered to an enthusiastic 2012 graduating class. And lest we forget, Nancy, now known as Dr. Cartwright, received an honorary degree as Doctor of Communications!

But then we received what follows below. It was written by Jarad Barr, also a graduate of OU, who was present for the occasion of his brother’s degree convocation. Jarad spoke so well of his experience and of the effect that Nancy had on the students, graduates, faculty and families at the ceremonies, that we asked for and received permission to use his words here.



Bart’s Chalk Board Quotes – 22. February, 2012

Bart Simpson's Chalkboard QuotesIn case everyone hasn’t seen it yet, here’s a list of every Bart Simpson chalkboard quote since the show’s debut in 1989, put together by the folks at just in time for The Simpsons 500th Episode. (There are only 288 of them because a lot of fresh episodes apparently recycled old chalkboard-writing sequences.)

To see this list full size, click on the image and then scroll to the bottom, float your mouse over the bottom right corner and click on the 4-arrow icon that appears.

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