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Congratulations Matt Groening!! – 15. February, 2012

Nancy, Yeardly and Hank with Matt GroeningI was honored to be a part of the celebration for the unveiling of Matt’s well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  What a great Valentine’s Day — and just one day before his birthday. (more…)

Viva La Bart! – 21. March, 2010

The Simpsons are back for season number 22. Already the longest running show in history, the yellow family is now a spiky head and shoulders above the rest. Long live the eternal ten-year-old.

Catch The Simpsons Sundays 7/8!

Nancy and Music’s Renaissance Man – 23. May, 2007

NancyPlacidoRecently I had the pleasure of watching the great Placido Domingo lend his dulcet vocal tones to The Simpsons.

Although he and Bart didn’t have any scenes together, watching the “King of Opera” take singing lessons from Homer was definitely one of the highlights of working on the show.

We so seldom get to actually work with our celebrity guests that you can imagine the admiration in the room when Placido was coming up with take after take, injecting his own “create” into the character. He truly is the “Renaissance Man of music.”

400 Episodes Strong – 23. May, 2007

Nancy with Jack and Lucy

Nancy with Jack and Lucy

OMYGOD—400 episodes already!! It seems to me that it was just yesterday that we were announced on the Fox line-up as having our own half-hour show!

Fox threw us a big bash on the lot on New York Street, famous for the set of Hello, Dolly! About 1,000 peeps attended, mostly artists and staff. There were plenty of media there and I spent about 1 1/2 hours doing tons of interviews for the promotion of our record-breaking 400th.

The only other show that tops ours is Gunsmoke. It was on the air from 1955-1975.

The Simpsons first aired in 1990 as a sitcom; however we made our television debut on The Tracey Ullman Show back in 1987, making it a 20-year-run.

My vision is to see that we do no less than 500! Fox will throw us another party—bigger balloons, better food.

Simpsons Cruisin’! – 17. March, 2006

simpsons-hot-rodAmerica’s favorite spiky-headed, yellow-faced, trouble-making, skateboarding ten-year-old is back. Fox announced last week that it is picking up two more seasons of the animation juggernaut The Simpsons, extending its amazing run to 19 seasons.

The two upcoming seasons will help to extend The Simpsons lead as the longest running comedy series of all time. It also leaves the show poised to close in on the top-slot for most episodes to air for a comedy series. Watch out Ozzie & Harriet, here we come!

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