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Nancy-Cartwright-in-studio_100dpi-768x768Nancy has been hard at work on numerous projects over and above her continuing work on The Simpsons. Many fans might be pleasantly surprised that Nancy has been working madly in her art studio on an entirely new line of artistic work. Remember last year when the world found out that Nancy was an amazing sculptor? Well, she has also developed a technique for painting based on classic animation cel painting.

The first public viewing of her work with be Saturday, July 23 at 7:30 PDT. Fittingly, the location will be The Chuck Jones Gallery, named after Oscar winner Chuck Jones who won an Academy Award in the Best Short Subject, Cartoons category as well as an Honorary Oscar that was presented to him in 1996 by Robin Williams for “the creation of classic cartoons which have brought worldwide joy for more than half a century.”

The Chuck Jones Gallery is just blocks from ComiCon in San Diego, where Nancy is also on the bill.

In addition to her paintings, some of her sculptures will also be on display.


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  • Bob Noble

    Nancy: Geez, it’s been a long wonderful trip for a young lady coming out of Fairmont HS in
    Kettering. I’m Bob Noble an d knew your dad very well whilst working in the printing industry back in Dayton. I think he worked at Printing Service. Really a classy person. When you first got to Cali back around the late 70’s my do was
    In Art School at Disney, and met your mom and dad at a restaurant in Kettering and we exchanged conversation about “our Kinds” in
    California. In fact your mom gave me your phone number and I gave it to my son Randy,
    Whom now is a Senior Art Director with at Disney here in Orlando where I live. You can look Randy up on Disney Artist, great son and as you did worked very hard to get where he wanted to be. I note that your also into art, which I find really amazing. If you want to ever
    Discuss Art, send Randy a email, he’s really good with former Kettering people whom have
    Been worked hard to get to the top of their chosen craft. (Randy went to Fairmont East)
    The very best to you, and your family, especially
    Your Mom and Dad if they are with you! My very best, and what a wonderful series you and the creators brought to the American public.
    Bob Noble

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