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Nancy can now be heard on two new popular web animated shows, Warner Bros.’ Timberwolf and SportsBlast’s (Nancy’s own animation development and production company) The Kellys.


Animation veteran Chuck Jones’ (Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote, Pepe le Pew and Michigan J. Frog) most recent and last creation is the internet animated show “Timberwolf.” Airing on, the popular series is getting more than one million hits per week. Nancy is the voice of Earl Squirrel, playing opposite Joe Alaskey (Tweety, Daffy Duck) as Thomas Timber Wolf.

“This show is a throw-back to the classic Warner Bros. cartoons that I grew up watching. What a fantasy come true to have worked with Chuck. Again, I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with another master. Chuck’s grasp of art and communication is what continues to thrill and entertain all of us. His passion is what motivated him and he will be sorely missed.”

To learn more about Chuck Jones (1912-2002), his incredible career and contributions to the world of animation, log onto

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