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Summer has practically come and gone. I can’t believe how fast time goes when you stay busy. I am now on show #13 of 22 episodes that we will be recording for season 22 of The Simpsons. The scripts are as good as they have always been. It is still a total joy to go to our Table Reads on Thursdays and hear what the writers have done once again!

I am currently in pre-production for my 5th annual Monte Carlo fundraiser. Held on Oct. 2nd, this year it promises to be more exciting than ever.  I have wonderful friends who support the same youth programs by being on my hosting committee, including Brad Garrett, Julie Kavner, Dan Castellaneta, Anne Archer, Lou Diamond Phillips, John Travolta and Kelly Preston. We have a great turn out of stars and pro poker players and you can find out more on this site or visit

It is a fun evening with all proceeds being split between the local PALS youth center and the West Valley Boys & Girls Club.

Artistically I am working on several projects, developing animation and writing a screenplay. It is never a dull day in NancyLand.

Ciao for now,


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