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Nancy with NASCAR driver Trevor BayneI was invited to the Auto Club Speedway today in Fontana, CA to speak to a group of about 400 middle school kids and encourage them.

At first I didn’t get the connection between math and science education and a NASCAR track, but the more I thought about it and discussed it with people there, the more relevant the team effort became. We must all try to encourage kids to have fun learning.

Whether it’s math so a kid can go to the grocery store and know what 20% off the price means or an aspiring race car driver who must understand mph, velocity, the number of gallons a tank takes relative to the distance he will drive at a high speed, it is creating the interest and enthusiasm that is important. I am honored that, through the voices I have been able to create over the years, I could have some kind of impact on these young minds. Now we must encourage the schools and the lawmakers who fund school programs to do their part.

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