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On October 27, the Good Turn Award was presented to Nancy Cartwright by the West Lost Angeles County Council and Boy Scouts of America. This is only the seventh award of this kind to ever be given. The first was bestowed on Bob Hope. Nancy is the first woman to be honored in this way by the organization.  The award is presented to community leaders who focus their energies on doing things to improve the community around them, based on the Boy Scout slogan, Do a Good Turn Daily.

Nancy’s contributions to the community in which she lives, and communities across the city and the country, are virtually limitless. From her own Happy House non-profit foundation’s efforts to build better families, including the Good Choices after-school program, to her work with Devonshire PALS (Police Athletic League Supporters) for which she worked for several years to raise funds to build a state-of-the-art youth center, Nancy not only puts her money where her mouth is, she puts her body and soul into helping those less fortunate and at-risk kids.

Other local programs she supports are CSUN’s Valley Performing Arts Center as well as the university’s teen program, Make-a-Wish (which has also honored her), Boys & Girls Clubs, and her alma mater, Ohio University, where she has installed a perpetual scholarship program.

Although Nancy does nothing with the anticipation of being honored or rewarded, she is always thrilled when her efforts are recognized, particularly by organizations like the Boy Scouts of America. More importantly, her focus is to inspire others to do like minded work in their communities and, at the very least, to Do a Good Turn Daily.

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