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Since I raced at Auto Club Speedway for COPD (Cardio Obstructive Pulminary Disease—a serious lung disease–research it, get tested if you have symptoms and help the charity if you can), I am now—more than ever—excited about our app Smoke Your Tires. It’s really a blast! In fact, Auto Club Speedway is one of the many backdrops used on the various skill levels. You can pretend you just won a big race and have the chance to do spins, burnouts and SMOKE YOUR TIRES!!!

Some of the folks who raced with me were Bruce Jenner, X Games athlete Nate Adams, NFL players Hank Baskett and Michael Strahan, Bill Fichtner, Miss Universe Megan Teandy and a host of others. I did well and enjoyed every minute. I was on Carl Edwards’ team and got to hang out on his truck where he keeps all his gear and spends time when not driving.

Before the race, I helped to open the new Lefty’s Fun Zone at the Speedway—and I even tried out a water game they have where you get in a life-size plastic see-through ball and get pushed around the water. It was a little weird but I’ll try almost anything once!

Trevor Bayne, the youngest guy to ever win the Daytona 500, joined me for the ribbon cutting of the kids’ zone and took the time to check out “Smoke Your Tires” and loved it! To quote him, “That’s cool!” If Trevor likes it, we know that any race car enthusiast will have a great time playing it. You can download it for free on iTunes to try it.

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