In News, Rugrats

With the recent retirement of Christine Cavanaugh, Nancy Cartwright has joined the cast of The Rugrats as the voice of Chuckie, working with veterans E.G. Daily (Tommy), Cheryl Chase (Angelica) and Kath Souci (Phil/Lil).

“To try to duplicate the vocal stylings, the nuances and the ‘vocal gymnastics’ that Christine Cavanaugh created with Chuckie’s voice has presented me with the most challenging job of my entire career. I am loving this job and consider myself so fortunate to work on such a charming and well-written show,” says Nancy.

Like The Simpsons, there is no end in sight for the knee-high tikes. The Rugrats is now in its eleventh season on Nickelodeon; and the next movie, The Rugrats Meet the Thornberries, is due out in theaters May 2003.

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