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The hungry members of the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce thought they were sitting down to enjoy a great lunch, see their new Board take the oath of office and hear some great words of wisdom from the first guest in their Distinguished Speaker series, Rocky Delgadillo. They got all that and an appetizer!

Early in the program Chamber President Wayne Adelstein gave the sad news to outgoing Honorary Mayor Barry Pascal. “You’re out, Barry.” To which the “startled” now former mayor said, “If not me, then who?!” Up stepped Nancy, looking like the “mayor” from the famed Monopoly game, complete with top hat and red vest! (a fitting tribute to a luncheon dedicated to commerce.) “Me!” she cried out.

Nancy wouldn’t allow Barry to just “ride off into the sunset”, so she appointed him Honorary Sheriff complete with a giant, silver foil badge. And then she broke out her parchment of 10 Proclamations. A few of them include changing all the red stop signs to hot pink; making Monday a “Spa Day” for all women in the Chamber; desserts will always be served first (and the calories don’t count); and evacuating CSUN of its students immediately so all the buildings can be remodeled to establish the largest gaming casino and monster truck racing track in the entire Milky Way!

Nancy bowed to the assemblage and she made way first for Congressman Brad Sherman and then several others who related the assets that the North Valley Chamber brings to the community.

Distinguished Speaker Rocky Delgadillo swore in the new Board and then delivered a wonderful speech outlining some of his valuable accomplishments through his work in the LA City Attorney’s office.

All in all it was a very satisfying installation luncheon and the sun has shone very strongly since these proclamations!

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