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From Ohio University Commencement Speech Weekend June 2012, Nancy gave the commencement speech at the 2012 graduation ceremony at her alma mater, Ohio Univerity. Andie Walla, assistant video producer at Ohio University Communications and Marketing (UCM) and her staff began making a documentary of the event.

The end product, Nancy Cartwright: The Voice of Success, follows Nancy’s commencement speech as she shares her knowledge with the graduating class. The crew also followed her to Dayton, Ohio, as she was inducted to the Dayton area Broadcast Hall of Fame and learned more about her history by speaking with people who knew her at the start of her career.

“So we got a whole backstory, as well as talking about her time here at Ohio University. She wasn’t here for the full four years, but how she got started and her connections,” said Walla. “So it kind of snowballed into this whole big project.”

Click here to watch the full commencement speech.

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