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Launched in November 2001 on, The Kellys is the story of a dedicated family of professional stock car racers and their efforts to reach the winner’s circle. The problem is, Team Kelly Racing can’t win for losing. They’re underdogs for sure, and the fans know it, but love them anyways.

SportsBlast, Nancy’s own animation company, in association with Turner Sports Interactive, developed the series, which is already a big hit with stock car racing fans around the world.

Nancy plays the role of Chip Kelly, youngest son of Joe Kelly, the team’s leader and head of the headstrong Kelly clan. Chip is a total stock car racing fan that no one would be fool enough to challenge in a game of stock car racing sports trivia. He can’t wait for the day when he can really pitch in and help the team.

The Kellys has been tremendous fun. We’re very excited about how well the series has been doing, and its potential,” says Nancy. “It’s also been great to work with so many of my favorite and talented voice-actor friends.”

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