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The Simpsons’ house is probably one of the most recognizable homes on television, with its colorful interiors and unique decorations. With pink walls, green appliances, yellow curtains, and red couches, The Simpsons house is definitely suitable for one of America’s favorite TV families.

And if you think the unique home can only be seen on television, think again. One Calgary couple decided to revamp their home by replicating The Simpsons kitchen.

Joel Hamilton and Marcia Andreychuk are slowly completing their Simpsons kitchen. Hamilton, 35-years-old, has been a fan of The Simpsons since he was 10-years-old. The thought of creating their very own Simspons kitchen was an exciting thing.

“It was an idea that came into our heads one moment and in the very next moment we just knew we were going to do it. We immediately started seeking out all the materials and hour and hours of Googling.”

So far, as reported by Calgary Sun, the couple has completed 80 percent of their Simpsons kitchen after working on it for a year. They have spent about $2,300 for the kitchen. Where did the bulk of the money go? On the checkered flooring, of course.

“It’s not a renovation. It’s retrovation. I don’t like those gutted, new, modular, everybody-has-them kitchens. I like the colour. I love the style. It just delights us.”

The couple now has curtains with corn cobs, orange kitchen cabinets, a green range, and checkered floors. With a bit more work, they will be completing their Simpsons kitchen.

Calgary Couple The Simpsons Kitchen

The hardest part of completing the kitchen, the couple says, has to be the brightly colored appliances, which can be expensive. The couple has been together for four years, and Hamilton says that the Simpsons kitchen is somewhat of an engagement present, as reported by CTV News.

“They’re just like a diamond ring. That’s what I told Marcia – that she’s going to get a $100 engagement ring and a $3,000 range.”

Despite being fans of The Simpsons, the couple says that they don’t plan to redo their entire house to match the Simpsons home. However, they are considering putting up Moe’s Tavern in their basement.

[Images via eieihome/Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press]


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