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NPR aired a recent interview with Nancy today as part of a series called “My Big Break.” All Things Considered has been collecting stories about when things just go click for people and their careers just leap forward.

Back in 1987, Nancy Cartwright drove to the FOX Studios lot to try out for a little animated short about a dysfunctional family known as “The Simpsons.” Specifically, she was there to audition for the studious, well-mannered middle child named Lisa. “I read the monologue, it was just a little monologue, and it was fine, but next to her was Bart,” Cartwright says. “Didn’t even know there was a boy. And when I read that he was a 10-year-old, school-hating underachiever but proud of it … That just hit me right in my heart.”

Click here to read and listen to the whole interview at NPR.

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