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bartmanOn top of Nancy Cartwright’s amazing talents as a voice actor, on-screen actress and her long-time work as a philanthropist, she has been nurturing another artistic talent: sculptor. And lo! and behold, it turns out she’s amazing at that too!

Unveiled today, outside the New Corp building in New York City is Bartman, Nancy’s 4th work in her new field.

“I had seen other people work with clay, and there was something inside me . . . I had this innate knowing that I could sculpt,” she told New York The Post. “It’s a different kind of artistic gratification than I get from creating voices.”

Nancy spent about 20 hours molding the bust out of oil-based clay in her Northridge, Calif., studio. The “Bartman” cape was added at the suggestion of her son, Jack.

“That kind of made it; it really established who Bart really is with the cape,” she says.

With the approval from Fox executives, Nancy’s sculpture was turned into a mold and cast twice in bronze—one to be displayed for the foreseeable future outside of News Corp. headquarters in New York and another at the USC School of Cinematic Arts—to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons on Fox.


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