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On November 1st the faculty and staff of Cal State University Northridge along with supporters and community enthusiasts were invited to attend a free “tuning” of the new Valley Performing Arts Center’s main stage. The entertainment—and entertainment is was!—featured the Moscow Symphony which played to a packed house.

The success of the event can be measured in many ways.  First, the audience truly enjoyed the performance of a half-dozen stellar symphonic pieces, giving the orchestra numerous standing ovations; second, the sound quality was world-class with great acoustics and an echo-free clarity; and third, the hall, lobby, grounds, etc. are like nothing the Valley has ever seen.  This is a venue that any performer would be more than proud to call “home.”

Nancy Cartwright, who is on the gala committee for the grand opening on January 29th, 2011, had this to say: “I am a very strong advocate of the arts and feel that it is the artist who makes all difference in society.  The Valley Performing Arts Center not only raises the bar for the local citizens of the San Fernando Valley but elevates the entire culture for those who partake. Congratulations to the multitudes who are lending their hands and hearts to make this dream come true.  And congratulations to Jolene Koester, Dean Bucker, Gailya Brown and the entire team who have contributed to this valuable project.  Thank you for taking the bold steps to bring this gem to our ‘backyard’.”


Season tickets are on sale now!

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