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Season 30 of The Simpsons began airing last Sunday, September 30th. It is hard to get a mental handle on 30 years sometimes, but this video clip from the classic film Grosse Pointe Blank may help. Of course, Jeremy Piven’s remarkable exclamations are about only 10 years. So simply watch this clip three times!

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  • GordieH

    Hi. My name is Gord but you can call me Gordie. I’m the one on Facebook who made the comment something like “how about 30 more years of The Simpsons?” I love the show and I hope it continues for many years, whether it is 30 more or not. I also like to blog about the show and as you will see, I am blind and have been since birth. Thanks for the many years of laughs and entertainment so far and hopefully more to come.

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