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If you’re a regular around these parts, you know that two of our favorite things are Hello Kitty and the Simpsons. Yet somehow, we never dared to dream of the two coming together until today, when dreaming became unnecessary. Sanrio is delivering in a big way with a new clothing line from JapanLA featuring our favorite Springfield denizens going mouthless.

There are some terrific pieces here, too. We love that they dared to do Itchy and Scratchy in Hello Kitty style (kind of, they still have mouths) — we’re hoping Kitty fares better than Scratchy. Maybe she can play mediator! We’ll go with that, that will help us sleep better. There’s also a Krusty Burger tee with Krusty and the Simpsons family hanging out with Hello Kitty, but our favorite has to be the reversible tee with Kitty chowing down on Homer’s donuts while a kawaii Homer on the other side gets stuck with Kitty’s apples.


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