Awards and Recognitions

Special awards and recognitions, spanning  Nancy Cartwright’s many fields of endeavor, include:


  • Nancy is awarded the Fernando Award for volunteerism and civic accomplishment. It is the highest and most-distinguished award of its kind in LA.
  • Inducted as Honorary Mayor of the North San Fernando Valley for the 9th year!


  • Commendation Plaque awarded at the West Valley LA Police Station in thanks for Nancy’s dedication and generous donation of time and efforts to the Los Angeles Police Department and the families of the San Fernando Valley.
  • Nancy was amongst 9 individuals chosen, from the Fernando Foundation, the highest honor for volunteerism and civic accomplishment.
  • Lifetime Happiness Award from The Way to Happiness Foundation for Nancy’s extraordinary support and contribution as the International Spokesperson for The Way to Happiness in the distribution and application of the precepts from this booklet for children (and adults!) worldwide.
  • Don LaFontaine Legacy Award, a special award created to recognize voice talent and its integral role in marketing and promotion within the entertainment industry. Given to a voice of impact and someone who has contributed with their body of work to the effectiveness of the business, in honor of Don LaFontaine’s name, memory and defining legacy.
  • Honorary Degree of Doctor of Communications from Ohio University, in Athens Ohio. Nancy also gave the Commencement Speech to two groups of graduates comprising 14,000 attendees.
  • Nancy and Happy House-Community United San Jose honored by the Mayor of San Jose in his 2012 State of the City address as the SJ District 1 Honoree as outstanding citizens and organization for the important volunteer work being done in the City of San Jose that began with the youth and families of District 1 at the Starbird Youth Center and has expanded to the Alma Youth Center.


  • Nancy was one of the final 5 individuals nominated for 2011 Fernando Award.
  • Boy Scouts GOOD TURN AWARD presented to Nancy by LA County Supervisor, Michael D Antonovich for her good works in the community.
  • Dayton, Ohio Area Broadcasters Hall of Fame inducted Nancy along with Erma Bombeck into the new category of “Local Talent Making It Nationally!”
  • Boys and Girls Club Santa Barbara Shining Star Award Nancy and Happy House “in appreciation for helping our kids make “Good Choices.”


  • Congressional Recognition presented to Nancy Cartwright for “outstanding and invaluable service to the community” by the Congress of the United States.
  • Emmy Award for The Simpsons.
  • City of Baton Rouge, LA presented Nancy Cartwright with the key to the city and named her “Honorary Mayor.”


  • Citizen Commission for Human Rights presented to Nancy Cartwright for being a “Human Rights Patriot.”
  • Northridge names resident Nancy Cartwright as its Honorary Mayor.


  • Emmny Nomination The Simpsons.
  • Aurora Awards: Gold Award for A Day in the Life and The Kellys.
  • Accolade: A Day in the Life


  • Model of Admin Know-How Award


  • Houston Film Festival Silver Award for The Kellys
  • American Film Institute 2000, Honoring a Year of Excellence, The Simpsons. Presented by the American Film Institute to recognize Nancy and the cast of The Simpsons for their contribution to America’s cultural legacy.
  • Key to the City of Kettering, OH. Presented to Kettering native Nancy Cartwright by Mayor Marilou Smith at the Dayton “Project Read” literacy event.


  • Los Angeles Times Best Seller List—Biography: My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy by Nancy Cartwright.


  • Nancy Cartwright, Founding Member, World Literacy Crusade, Neko Tech Learning Center, Ghana, West Africa.
  • Emmy Winner Certificate: For Best Animated Program The Simpsons.
  • PMA Star Power Award presented to Nancy Cartwright for her promotional contributions “above and beyond what is expected from a celebrity.”
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame presented to The Simpsons on the occasion of the show’s receipt of a Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, California.
  • Proclamation of “Nancy Cartwright Day” in Kettering, Ohio.


  • Daytime Emmy Awards Honors presented to Nancy Cartwright for contributing to the Emmy Award Winning Program Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain.


  • DramaLogue Award presented to Nancy Cartwright for Best Performance in a One-Person Show, In Search of Fellini.
  • Daytime Emmy Awards Honors presented to Nancy Cartwright for contributing to the Emmy Award-Winning Program Animaniacs.


  • Annie Award presented to Nancy Cartwright for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting in the field of Animation.


  • County of Los Angeles Public Library Award presented to Nancy Cartwright for “her contributions in making the world a more literate place.”


  • Emmy Award presented to Nancy Cartwright for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance, The Simpsons, ”Bart Simpson.”
  • Elizabeth Andersch Award presented to Nancy Cartwright, “distinguished practitioner in the art of communication; long-time supporter of forensic activities for high school and college, well-known television, film and stage actress; voice of Bart Simpson; and an outstanding performer whose skills on and off the stage have generated respect for her profession.”
  • American Library Association Award presented for Nancy’s participation in Night (and Day) of a Thousand Stars.


  • Multi-Platinum Sales Award presented to Nancy Cartwright to commemorate the sale of more than two million copies of the album The Simpsons Sing the Blues.

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