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It was a great pleasure to co-produce this fantastic gallery opening for Nancy Cartwright. We organized and managed the food, coffee, entertainment, valet and general layout of the gallery for viewing of her work on the very important subject of the drugging of children. Nancy’s work had stunning impact on the guests attending and greatly increased the awareness of this vital human rights violation.

Last year there were many events we were thrilled to be part of. One key event stands out because of the power and positive effect it had on many lives. This was the fantastic art exhibition called “Reverse Effects” at the Avenue des Arts Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

What made this event so fantastic was the highly skilled art of -- Nancy Cartwright – who is well known as the stellar Emmy Award-winning voice of Bart Simpson -- and the subject matter – the opioid and psychotropic drugging of our children.
Nancy had mastered the brilliantly colorful art form of “reverse paintings” (a challenging form consisting of applying paint in reverse layers to the back of a piece of acrylic or glass).
She used this talent to join forces with the “Know More about Drugs Alliance” to produce a heavy hitting series of paintings addressing the profound social issue of the effects of psychotropic and opoid drugs on children. This alliance of medical professionals, child advocates and parents has the goal of informing and educating parents and caregivers on the dangerous effects of these drugs.

Therefore, it was an honor to be asked by Cartwright Entertainment to be the Production Coordinator for the Exhibit. In this capacity we handled the valet, catering, rentals, espresso coffee service, security and entertainment and visual décor, as well as advising on the site plan of the exhibit. The exhibit itself was fantastically curated by Nancy working with Fraser Scott of Peter Green of Peter Green Design.

Learn and see more in our Blog “Reverse Effects”

One of the fun challenges was a request by Nancy to have 500 red balloons in the ceiling with pill bottles suspended from them. This required an afternoon of fun trial and error at the gallery with numerous types of balloons to see what would indeed hold up an empty pill bottle. We also elicited the help of Balloon Zilla (who provided the final balloon clusters) for experimented in their studio -- amazing but in the final test it took cluster of 5 -- 18” red mylar balloons to hold up one pill bottle. For more impact, we had the Know More About Drugs logo printed and applied them to 150 bottles. The effect was fantastic.

DJ’s catering provided the light fare, tray passed hors d’oeuvres and spa waters.

Beverly Hills best did a fantastic job as valets in a difficult area of downtown to create a fluid parking experience for the guests.

AArvo Coffee delivered fantastic espresso and coffee drinks on request.

We also assisted in creating a merchandise sales area.

Nancy had requested a particular type of live music sound and I found a fantastic jazz and improvisational cellist who simply created the perfect background sound that was a mix of “heart beat” and fluid and deeply moving sounds.